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Final Winter 2010/11 Team Record
Win: 11---Loss: 9---Tie: 3---OT-Loss: 1---Points: 26
Goals For: 79 (avg. 3.29 /game)---Goals Against: 88 (avg. 3.67 /game)

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Coilers United Celebrates First Franchaise Win

- RICHMOND, B.C. - Coil Sports Network -
The Coilers United Hockey Club picked up their first-ever win in franchise history on Wednesday night in their season opener, topping the Toasters 3-1. The first goal in C.U.H.C. history was scored 14:18 in the first period by #7 Randy Morphy from a beautiful behind the net set up from #17 Troy "Leave it to him" Beaver with the 2nd assist coming from #91 Kevin Karan. #16 Cordell Richard and #19 Mike Neudorf have also scored for the Coilers with single assists going to #5 Hope, #20 Yeung, #9 Sonnenburg & #13 Pettipas.
In Goal, #60 Elton Kwan was able to steer away all the shots except for one that sneaked by him under his blocker arm in the middle of second period.
The Japanese Rocket #18 Shin Watanabe decided to run his mouth to the ref after a questionable icing non-call and received a unsportsmanlike penalty in the later stage of the 3rd period. Mike Neudorf decided he was not to be out done by Shin and proceeded to punch the opposition's goalie in the throat. Luckily, he missed by 6 inches and the furious right hook landed squarely on the goalie's head which resulted in a roughing penalty and a line-up free early game-ejection shower.
All in all, it was a convincing win for the Coilers with them having control of the puck 70% of the time.
Final shots count was 13 - 9 for the Coilers.

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