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Final Winter 2010/11 Team Record
Win: 11---Loss: 9---Tie: 3---OT-Loss: 1---Points: 26
Goals For: 79 (avg. 3.29 /game)---Goals Against: 88 (avg. 3.67 /game)

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Official Coast Hockey League "Official Rules"

For the ones that are not familiar with the Coast Hockey League rules...

Official League Rule Book (PDF format - 194 KB)

Offseason goaltending update

A spy photo has been seen circulating on the internet of the Coilers United off season goaltending camp snapped from their home rink "The Loo".
Although the evidents such as this photo are not very encouraging at this point, sources told us that their starter (player #60) has been and will continue working extra hard in growing taller to cover more net.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring League Waiver Form & Drivers License

Coilers, please print and fill out this waiver form and have it ready for me when I collect the league fees from you. A player (Full timers or Subs) will not be able to participate unless this signed waiver form is submitted to the league.

Also, I would need a color photocopy or scanned version of your drivers license for the league.
If you choose to scan it, please scan them in Full Color, 100% original size at 150 dpi.

download your waiver form on the link below
Coast Hockey League - Spring League Waiver Form (2 pages PDF)

Thank you for your attention.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Final Coilers United Team Roster & assigned numbers (90% final)

17 Troy BEAVER (XL) •
2 Calvin CHANG (L) •
44 Bernard CHENG (L) •
3 Geoffrey GATES (XL) - "EL JEFE"
5 Stewart HOPE (XL) •
77 Aaron HUI (L) •
91 Kevin KARAN (L)
82 Dave KERAS (L) - sub
60 Elton KWAN (XL) • - "NÖTLE"
46 Hung LE (XL) •
41 Jason MANCHESTER (XL) •
7 Randy MORPHY (XL) • - "MEXICO"
19 Mike NEUDORF (XL) •
13 Kirk PETTIPAS (XL) •
16 Cordell RICHARD (L)
15 Steve TAJIRI (L) - sub
18 Shin WATANABE (XL) • - "WATASHIN" - sub
20 Ray YEUNG (XL) • - "YARYAR"
38 Ernest CHAN (XL) -"CHANCHEZ" - sub

75 Andre RIOUX (XL) [JERSEY ONLY, non player]

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Uniteds' Free Agents speculation

Breaking News
Reliable sources has reported that the talent scouts have been working overtime and communications has been made between the Coilers United Hockey Club™ and a few players in the Vancouver free agents market. Exact number of players has not been confirmed, but it is believed to be between 3 to 6.
It has previously been reported that the cap for total full time skaters will be set at 15. If the sources are true, official contract signings will take place over the weekend and the final rosters for the team should be posted in the middle of next week. Stay tuned....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Offseason Players Signings

The Coilers United Hockey Club's GM Mr Liam S. Rather announced the following players have been drafted for the expansion team. Although only 9 full time one way contract player has been officially signed to this day, sources say talks with the prospects' agents look promising.

(F) Bryan Sonnenberg [signed]
(D) Calvin Chang [signed]
(G) Elton Kwan [signed]
(F) Stewart Hope [signed]
(F) Aaron Hui [signed]
(F) Shin (Watashin) Watanabe [signed] - on a loan contract for half season
(F) Troy Beaver [signed]
(D) Steve Tajiri [signed] - on a loan contract for the season
(F) Ray Yeung (rookie) [signed]
(D) Hung Le (rookie) [signed]
(F) Cordell Richard [signed]
(D) Brian Yip [signed] - on a loan contract for half season
(D) Mike Schwengers [signed] - on a loan contract for half season
(D) Dave Keras [in the middle of contract negotiation with his woman]
(F) Jeremy Hope [farm team two ways contract reserve player]
(D) Chris Hope [farm team two ways contract reserve player]
(D) Mike Elfstrom [Sundining around]
(?) Randy Morphy [drafted by oversea scout - unknown status]
(F - G) Colin Charron [on ice conditioning as a skater]

Stay tuned for further updates on the CUHC signings

New Coils on the Block


The Coilers United Hockey Club has called a media conference for Wednesday where it's expected they will announce that the club has been selected for one of the much anticipated expansion franchise scheduled to being play in April 2009 in the Coast Hockey Spring League.

(Spy Shots) Official Team Logos

According to a reliable source, the official Coilers United Hockey Club logos has been leaked onto the internet.
A. Front Jersey Main Crest
B. Secondary Mascot Icon
C. Right Shoulder Patch