Updated Club Stats

Final Winter 2010/11 Team Record
Win: 11---Loss: 9---Tie: 3---OT-Loss: 1---Points: 26
Goals For: 79 (avg. 3.29 /game)---Goals Against: 88 (avg. 3.67 /game)

Upcoming Game

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring League Waiver Form & Drivers License

Coilers, please print and fill out this waiver form and have it ready for me when I collect the league fees from you. A player (Full timers or Subs) will not be able to participate unless this signed waiver form is submitted to the league.

Also, I would need a color photocopy or scanned version of your drivers license for the league.
If you choose to scan it, please scan them in Full Color, 100% original size at 150 dpi.

download your waiver form on the link below
Coast Hockey League - Spring League Waiver Form (2 pages PDF)

Thank you for your attention.

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